We understand investment brands



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We have always known that business journeys can take unpredictable paths. In 2000 we decided to combine skill sets and approached a global communications company with our idea to start a financial services focussed design company

One of our first opportunities came from a chance meeting with a marketing executive at one of Australia’s leading fund managers. After a period of research we recommended design, process and production changes that ended up saving considerable time and money. The organisation went on to expand globally to the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. After 18 years, we still continue our relationship, one we are extremely proud of. 

From 2001 we were both actively involved designing and producing documents for the IPO market and by 2006/7 were considered market leaders – producing 17 of the 20 largest IPOs in Australia along the way changing the way IPOs were produced,   becoming the industry standard in Australia. During this period we worked with scores of companies in many different industries as they transitioned from private to public brands.

In 2001, while working on an IPO for two leading investment banks, we were introduced to an executive who was building a private marketing services group. He was particularly interested in our specialist financial services offer and so we became shareholders in a marketing services group.

In 2003 the Group went through an IPO - we already knew that the IPO process was demanding but we soon developed a new level of empathy for those involved! After listing on the ASX, we developed an insight on what it meant to be part of an investment brand, the demands of the market, the new sets of stakeholders with a vested interest in your performance and the disciplines expected of a public company.

Today we are a private company.

Our first-hand experience and deep knowledge in investment branding can add value, whether a company is selling investment products or positioning itself for an investment opportunity.

We break this investment branding expertise in to three key areas:

  • The positioning of investment manager’s brands and their investment products to institutional, wholesale and retail investors – Financial services marketing.

  • Bringing business strategy and financial results to life – Stakeholder communications.

  • Helping private companies positioning their brand to investor audiences – Pre-IPO branding.